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Merging Talent with Opportunity
Wise Staffing Group, headquartered in Mississippi, is a full service human resource company specializing in temporary and career staffing with an emphasis on providing excellent customer service.

Since 1987, we have proven to be one of the most respected providers of innovative staffing solutions. Wise Staffing Group has developed and offers industry-leading services that provide dependable, qualified workers. Each office sets and maintains the same high standards of operation and ongoing commitment to quality service. We consistently work toward superior performance in fulfilling our clients needs.
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Wise Staffing Group is a full-service employment specialist. We provide individuals who have personal talents, skills, and experience.

We have developed customized staffing packages to address your specific needs. With a variety of staffing solutions, we will help you manage your work-flow for a more productive and proficient impact to your organization.
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Professional Staffing/Direct Placement

Career staffing offers solutions for your professional needs, matching great candidates with the right opportunities. We carefully recruit, interview and conduct pre-employment screening and testing on all candidates, so we only present the most qualified candidates to you. With our Direct Placement, there is never a fee for our services until you select one of our recruits. Temporary Staffing Our service provides solutions for your company's short and long-term supplemental staffing in all types of work environments. From entry-level to management, Wise Staffing Group provides quality and consistency by recruiting candidates who have the skills and experience necessary to meet the requirements of our clients. Our comprehensive selection process helps identify qualified employees so we know you are getting the person for the job.
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Professional Staffing/Direct Placement

Need a large-scale flexible workforce? An on-site staffing program will provide an efficient and practical way to control staffing costs Wise Staffing can provide a fully customized on-site program so you can focus on your core business functions while we manage these operational services:
- Process Applicants on Site
- Conduct Orientations and Training
- Coordinating Schedules
- Administering Time & Attendance Procedures
- Preparing ID / Security Badges
- Developing / Maintain Current Job Descriptions
- Conducting Performance Reviews & Exit Interviews
- Handeling Terminations
- Coordinating Job Orfers Between you, Wise, & other Staffing Companies If Needed
- Providing Custom Usage Reports On a Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Basis
Staffing Solutions
Professional Staffing/Direct Placement

Receptionist- Administrative Assistant- Data Entry - Accounting - Call Center (Inbound) - Financial Service - Customer Service - Human Resources


Assembly - Machine Operator - Quality Assurance - General Labor - Production - Packaging


Pick / Pack - Shipping - Receiving - Warehouse - Material Handler - Cherry Picker - Inventory - Forklift Operator


Machine (CNC) - Welder - Technology - Maintenance - Supervisors- Skilled Assembly - Accounting - Engineering
Support Services
All offices in the Wise Staffing Group operate with a fully trained staff that is knowledgeable of the policies and procedures of each of our clients.

We are committed to providing our clients with a meaningful partnership. Our client relationships - our service of excellence - our level of integrity towards our customers - understanding your needs to get the job done is what we offer everyday.

- Highly Trained Suypport Team
- On-Site Coordinator
- Customized Reports & Analysis
- Project Management
- Customized Billing
- Electronic or Fingerprint Time Clock
- Professional Recruiters
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Employment Orientation

All temporary associates must first complete both safety and site specific orientation. The standard safety and site specific orientation. The standard orientation will be under the guidelines of the standard OSHA orientation. The site specific will be under the guidelines of the client's safety manager.

We have designed a Safety Orientation with the help of our in-house OSHA productivity training "video". This will cover Hazardous Communications, Personal Protective Equipment, Blood Bourne Pathogens, Lock Out/Tag Out and Confined Spaces. Our trained staff counsels all employees on the client's expectations and productivity requirements. Employees are aware they can expect safety inspections and appropriate warnings of termination if violations are found. We will provide our employees with personal protective equipment at no charge to our clients.
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Employment Orientation

A standard work environment orientation will be used to guide potential employees as to what to expect on the job. Employees will be informed about working conditions, such as:

- General Plant Rules
- Parking
- Safety Warning / Attendance Warning Notice
- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Required
- Evaluation Policy
- Dress Code Guidelines
- Reporting Injury Procedures
- Procedures for Absences, Tardiness, & Emergencies
- OSHA 10 or 30 Hour Training If Required
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Create a comprehensive recruiting strategy that will ensure the right candidates are in place when needed.


Wise Staffing Group has strategically located their offices in areas to locate and recruit applicants for their clients. In many areas we have 5 to 6 offices in a 50 mile radius available for those seeking employment or wanting to make a change in their career.


Job seekers are flocking to the internet in record numbers in search of employment. Everyone from CEO's to assembly workers can be found online. Wise Staffing Group utilizes state of the art software (Appgen) for our application process. Individuals can apply online at their convenience, post resumes and search our job postings. This powerful tool enables us to post positions simultaneously to an extensive variety of job sites, widening our recruiting reach.
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Employees can be a great source for candidates. We offer an employee referral program that rewards our employees for a great recommendation.


We work with our local communities and schools to help bring in new recruits. Normally we are involved with 3 or 4 job fairs in all of our locations.


Campus recruiting can include everything from on-site interviews and information sessions to placing ads in the local college newspapers and on information boards.
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We utilize many different varieties of print advertisement. You can find our targeted and descriptive ads in local newspapers, magazines and billboards. It pays to keep your name in front of the people you are seeking.


Our system uses mass text to reach potential employees in Wise Staffing group's database.
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Wise Staffing Group has a comprehensive selection process to identify candidates with skills and talents that will provide you with the ideal associates.You receive immediate access to a large pool of pre-qualified applicants without spending lots of money on recruiting, advertising and most of all without losing valuable time in the hiring cycle.

Quality / Skill Screening Program

Certain parameters can be used to judge the productivity of employees. Education and experience are good indicators, but you need more to gauge the productivity and success of the candidate. We have developed an industry-leading process to identify specific skills and knowledge, as well as, select applicants with a positive and professional attitude.
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Pre-Employment Screening Starts with:

- Job Related Work Experience
- Favorable Work References from Previous Employers
- In-Depth, One-On-One Personal Interview
- Drug Testing
- Criminal Background Checks
- Comprehensive Skills Assessments- Education Verification
- Motor Vehicle Report

Skill Assessment:

Assessments are customized to meet your exact needs and skill level. They will acknowledge one's specific strengths, skills and abilities. We will determine that they have the right skill sets to get the job done. We offer assessments for: Office, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Quality, Technical, and Management.
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Drug Screening

Our pre-employment process includes drug screening every individual before they are sent on assignment. This means we re-drug screen each time an individual is sent on a new assignment. We offer 2, 5, and 10 panel options per customer request or standards. Wise Staffing also performs drug screens for all post accidents, for cause (depending on state laws) and on a random basis. Our in-office drug screens are an alternative to laboratory testing. The test results are processed in 5-8 minutes, not 24-28 hours as required by laboratories. All test results are recorded to the employee's applicant file.


Background checks are run on every candidate that we send out to work. This is part of our screening evaluation. You can rest assure that we have the information needed to help us make the choice for you.
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Criminal Background Checks Include:

A Verified National Background Check: Our services verify and filter the raw data within the database search to ensure the most up to date information is being considered. Most services go back for seven years. This search gives you criminal records from counties, Department of Corrections, court records and offender registries from all states. Results will be instant if no records exists in the database.

A Comprehensive Background Check: This search entails a firsthand search into each county that the candidate lived. We can conduct a seven year or ten year search. Depending on your background standards, we can design the search that you need. These reports require a 24-72 hour turnaround time.

Driving Records/MVR Report: Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR's) work as an indicator of behavior and attitude. These records highlight driving history over the past three to seven years and include: License Type and Class, Restrictions, Expiration Date, Endorsements (if applicable), Suspension or Revocations, Violations/Tickets and DUIs, and Accidents.
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