Staffing Solutions

Wise Staffing Group is a full-service employment specialist. We provide individuals with personal talents, skills, and experiences. We have developed customized staffing packages to address your specific needs. With a variety of staffing solutions, we will help you manage your workflow for a more productive and proficient impact to your organization.

Temporary Staffing

Our service provides solutions for your company’s short and long-term supplemental staffing in all types of work environments. From entry-level to management, Wise Staffing Group provides quality and consistency by recruiting candidates who have the skills and experience necessary to meet the requirements of our clients. Our comprehensive selection process helps identity qualified employees so we know you are getting the right person for the job.

Professional Staffing/Direct Placement

Career staffing offers solutions for your professional needs, matching great candidates with the right opportunities. We carefully recruit, interview and conduct pre-employment screening and testing on all candidates, so we only present the most qualified candidates to you. With our Direct Placement there is never a fee for our services until you select one of our recruits.

On-Site & National Account Programs

Need a large-scale flexible workforce? An on-site staffing program will provide an efficient and practical way to control staffing costs. Wise Staffing can provide a fully customized on-site program so you can focus on your core business functions while we manage these operational services:

  • Process applicants onsite
  • Conduct orientations and training
  • Coordinating schedules
  • Administering time and attendance procedures
  • Preparing ID/security badges
  • Developing/maintain current job descriptions
  • Conducting performance reviews and exit interviews
  • Handling terminations
  • Coordinating job orders between you, Wise and other staffing companies if needed
  • Providing custom usage reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly bases.


Placed Offices

Wise Staffing Group has strategically located their offices in areas to locate and recruit applicants for their clients. In many areas we have 5 to 6 offices in a 50 mile radius to be visible and available for those seeking employment or wanting to make a change in their career.


Job seekers are flocking to the Internet in record numbers in search of employment. Everyone from CEO’s to assembly workers can be found online. Wise Staffing Group utilizes state of the art software (Avionte) for our application process. Individuals can apply on-line at their convenience, post resumes and search our job postings. This powerful tool enables us to post positions simultaneously to an extensive variety of job sites widening our recruiting reach.


Employees can be a great source for candidates.  We offer an employee referral program that rewards our employees for a great recommendation.

Job Fairs

Working with our local community and schools to help bring in new recruits. Normally we are involved with 3 or 4 Job Fairs a year in all of our locations.

College Recruiting

Campus recruiting can include everything from on-site interviews and information sessions to placing ads in the local college newspapers and on information boards.

Print Ads

We utilize many different varieties of print advertisement. You can find our targeted and descriptive ads in local newspapers, magazine and billboards. It pays to keep your name in front of the people you are seeking.

Employer Services

smiling workers with clipboard and box working together in warehouse
Successful job interview

Career Staffing

Wise Staffing Group can provide professional staffing for your short or long-term needs. We carefully recruit, screen and check references, so we can only present qualified candidates for interviewing. There is never a fee for our services until you select one of our candidates. We offer economical rates and fees for our career placements.

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Business employer signing paperwork

Other Services

Other searches may include Education Verification and Professional License Verification. These services are available upon request at a competitive price.

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Payrolling Services/Payroll Processing

Wise Staffing Group can provide a payrolling service which allows you to recruit your own personnel and payroll them through Wise Staffing Group during their training period. Wise Staffing Group can process your company’s payroll at a minimal fee. This includes: Check Processing, Payroll Tax Reports, w-2 Printing

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Regular & Criminal Background Checks

Wise Staffing Group offers background checks for recruited employees or your existing employees. Our criminal background checks are available by county, metro area, parishes and state, these searches are critical for employees with access to inventory, money, drugs, records, and customers. Helps avoid negligent hiring liability and violence in the workplace.

Factory Manager in Workshop

Temporary Staffing

Wise Staffing Group offers temporary jobs from entry-level to management. Our service provides quality and consistency by recruiting temporary employees and utilizing selection techniques including pre-employment screening, skills testing, drug testing and background checks.

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CHecking motor in car service

Motor Vehicle Reports

Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR’s) work as an indicator of behavior, attitude, and potential health problems. MVR’s also show DUI and reckless driving history. MVR’s reveal important character information and are absolutely essential for drivers and lift truck operators.

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Clerical Testing/Skills Training

Clerical personnel recruited by Wise Staffing Group are tested at no charge. These test results are provided with computerized results generated and validated by QWIZ. Also, any current personnel of your company or potential personnel recruited by your company may be tested by Wise Staffing Group for a fee. Wise Staffing Group offers clerical training to qualified applicants. This can be from beginners to the advanced operators wishing to brush up on existing skills. Areas of training range from general typing skills to word processing software.

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Medical worker with PPE taking blood sample from patient in a hospital

Drug & Alcohol Screening

Wise Staffing Group offers on-site toxicology screening for our employees. Two (2) to Ten (10) panel drug screens may be requested for your proposed employees. This service is also available for companies needing pre-employment and random screening. We can screen your employees at your location or ours. Results can be ready within minutes.


What is the cost for your services?

Customer’s cost is based on numerous factors, including workers’ compensation costs, unemployment rates, and account volume. Wise Staffing Group prides itself in staying competitive by keeping rates viable.

How quickly can I get someone from Wise Staffing Group?

Every job assignment is different. Availability depends on your particular needs as well as the current employee pool. We will do our best to start the assignment the next day. If the job assignment requires a higher skill level, it may take an additional day to get the right person.

What screening measures do you have?

We have assessments that acknowledge one’s specific strengths, skills and abilities. We will determine that the applicant has the right skill sets to get the job done.Wise Staffing Group conducts a drug screen and background check on all employees.

Does Wise Staffing Group do any type of orientation?

All temporary associates must first complete both a standard safety and a site specific orientation. Our standard orientation will be under the guidelines of the standard OSHA orientation. The site-specific orientation will be under the guidelines of the safety manager of the client.

What if I am unsatisfied with the provided employee?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the placement, Wise Staffing Group will end the assignment and there will be no charge for the first 4 hours. We will immediately begin the process to re-fill your need as quickly as possible.

Do you utilize on-site coordinators?

In order to maximize efficiencies, Wise Staffing Group does provide an on-site coordinator to customers once they have fifty (50) full-time employees, or two thousand (2,000) billable hours per week. The coordinator builds a professional client relationship that allows him/her to focus specifically on the assigned accounts to maintain a solid labor force with minimal turn-over, employee problems, and disruptions in the workplace.

Is insurance available to Wise Staffing Group employees?

Yes. Wise Staffing Group fully complies with the provisions of the ACA by offering both a Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan and a Minimum Value Plan (MVP). Once the waiting requirements have been met, employees are given the opportunity to enroll in their plan of choice. Ancillary benefits are also available, including Dental, Vision, Personal Accident Insurance, Term Life, and Telehealth.